Cancer: Its Causes And Prevention


Cancer is a disease in which the tissues of the body react differently and grow exponentially. Doctors describe cancer to be caused due to accumulated damage to genes. Cancer-causing agents are known as carcinogens and can be anything from a chemical agent to genetic factors.

Causes of cancer

The roots of cancer disease can be divided based on its source. The sources are as following:

  • Biological or genetic factors – Age, skin type, gender, genetic defects, and other factors can be one of the chief factors for cancer. In this case, the patient can only hope for the best. The patient will have to prevent the symptoms and take care of oneself as far as possible.
  • Environmental exposure – In this case, the patient is exposed to different cancer-causing elements with or without knowledge. Elements like radon, UV radiation, and particulate matter are some of these elements. One should try to remain as far as possible from these elements.
  • Lifestyle factors – Lifestyle elements like tobacco, alcohol and other several substances can cause cancer.
  • Occupational risk factors like exposure to chemicals, radioactive materials, asbestos fibers, pitch and tar, and some plastic and metal compound are one of the leading causes of people working in construction or chemical industries.

Apart from these factors, there are certain bacteria and viruses like HBV, HCV and may other act as a carcinogen. Drugs that affect certain hormones and medicines that cause immune deficiency can also negatively affect health.

Prevention from cancer

While medical science is still figuring out the permanent solution of the disease, there are specific steps one can adapt to lead a healthy and cancer-free life.

  1. Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer, yet many people are still addicted to it. One should avoid or reduce costs as far as possible.

  1. Prefer a healthy diet

Healthy and organic diets are the need of the hour. The carcinogenic chemicals used for processing food should be avoided as much as possible.  Try maintaining plenty of organic fruits and vegetables and maintain good health.

  1. Avoid sun rays as much as possible

Skin cancer is one of the most common diseases. One should avoid direct sun rays as much as possible. The sun rays between 10 a.m to 4 p.m are direct and hence affect the skin a lot. Unless it’s necessary, try avoiding the sun as much as possible.

  1. Practice safe sex

Safe sex is one of the most significant problems of our time. People get involved with as many possible sexual partners and in the process expose themselves to various sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or HPV.

People, who are suffering from HIV, have higher chances of getting cancer of the anus, lung, and liver.

While there are many pieces of research being done on cancer, we are still far away from any concrete solution. Hence it is better to be safe than to be sorry. The initial stages of cancer can be treated permanently and accordingly it is advised by doctors to have regular examinations for any cancer. Any slight implication and you save yourself from a lot more orde