Issues & Family Relations!

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One-parent families

  • One-parent families are the second counterpart of the typical nuclear family.
  • I also know very well the situation of a single-parent family.
  • It is all too often a complicated situation. Emotionally, socially, practically and financially a whole sandwich that needs to be lubricated every day.

A golden board! Let yourself be assisted if it becomes too tricky! Do not just sit and worry! The danger is that you end up in a negative spiral so that the problems get bigger instead of smaller!

Be assisted by a good friend, family or someone from the emergency services!

Again, I am not going to make a long list of what cargo covers the ‘one-parent family’ flag!

Again I would say: “Do not you have someone you can go to, or do not like to talk about your problems with friends or family, then give me a free sign!”