All About Social Relations!

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  • Relationship problems are as old as the street. Great wars have been fought for a loved one.
  • It keeps us all very busy.
  • Problems between partners often start with small things. Often very subtle, without anyone noticing.
  • It is essential that those little things are clarified. Some people like to talk; others prefer to be silent and think that it will pass.

For some things that are true. But other things continue to increase subcutaneously and before you know it you’re in a cascade of misunderstandings and real, more serious problems and for a while, and the road to ‘back as it used to be’ seems no longer to walk.

If the partners do not feel well, frustrated, angry, sad, anxious. Then it is essential that this is quickly clarified. With my proper intervention and your good will, the thread can be taken back to the past. I will help you to talk to each other about things that are usually not pronounced and that are at the source of the resentment or more.

A large proportion of the couples who come to me leave with a relieved feeling, with more insight into themselves and each other and succeed in lovingly living together again.

The others, those who have either wrongly chosen or who do not want to continue together, I can guide to a peaceful solution, the best solution for both.


For relationship coaching, you can, of course, come with the two of you. That is ideal. But very often it happens that one of them sounds the alarm bell and the other person denies the problem, does not see or indeed does not want to go into therapy. Only coming is possible. It then takes you a lot further, and it often gives a lot of positive change and regularly it happens that the absent partner, because of that positive change, is also motivated to do something about it, and comes along.